Israel close to purchasing 3 nuclear submarines from Germany

Report: Israel close to purchasing 3 nuclear submarines from Germany

The deal is expected to be wrapped up next month in Berlin between senior officials who have secretly negotiated the details of the arrangement over the last months. Israel will receive the new vessels over the next decade as it aims to upgrade its nearly 20 year-old Dolphin fleet, according to Maariv, which are said to be more advanced, longer and better equipped.

In 2013, the military received the INS Rahav, which was the most expensive weapon ever purchased by the country, and the fifth Dolphin-class submarine constructed for the Israel Navy.  

According to foreign reports, the navy’s Dolphins provide Israel with nuclear second-strike capabilities, as they can travel far from Israel’s territorial waters and are reportedly able to carry long-range cruise missiles tipped with nuclear warheads.
Among their many capabilities, submarines can launch conventional missile attacks on near and distant targets, fire torpedoes at various naval vessels and engage in intelligence-gathering.

The deal between Israel and Germany is expected to be signed by November 7.