There is clear reason why I have decided to spend/invest my time on the GCC submarine subject. As an ex submariner I clearly see the main advantages and disadvantages of possessing submarine forces. From my perspective, countries with any submarines belong to the "Premier League" and rest of the countries belong to the "Football League One". I understand the fact that no one (except commercial shipyards) is going to encourage GCC navies/countries to possess submarines forces. However, commercial effort is not the reason why countries (not navies) possess submarine forces. In my opinion, GCC countries should perform proper armed forces/maritime capabilities assessment and make short and long term decision. There are many countries in the world which do not have money to even dream about the Premier League. I hope, that this blog will start a discussion regarding the existing and future submarine situation for the GCC countries and their area of interest. I am going to collect and add the latest submarines news to support this discussion.