Russian subs to Don New Generation Noise Absorbing Tiles

Russian Subs to Don New Generation Noise Absorbing Tiles

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Russia has launched the production of advanced noise absorbing materials for its fourth-generation nuclear submarines, Rossiiskaya Gazeta reported, citing Techmash Concern’s press service in Moscow. “The lightweight and better quality tiles we are now making in Cheboksary boast better noise absorbing qualities than their Western analogues. Moreover, the use of high technology will make their production less labor consuming and, therefore, cheaper,” Techmash’s CEO Sergei Rusakov said. The noise adsorbing tiles attached to a nuclear submarine’s hull make it virtually undetectable to enemy sonar and other detection systems.

The new material will be primarily used on Borei and Yasen-class fourth generation nuclear missile submarines and Russia’s latest diesel-powered Lada-class subs. Meanwhile, Russia’s fifth-generation submarines will use anti-sonar composite materials to hide them from enemy detection systems.