Korea's education and training for submarines

As Submariners are the pride of the force and the “Silent Guardians,” the core element of employing submarines, cultivating crew members is essential. Therefore, education and training aimed at making every Submariner an expert in submarines has always been a top priority. Trainees selected to be Submariners undertake six months of basic submarine courses such as underwater acoustics, oceanography, and the history of submarine warfare and another six months of training on board. Once these are accomplished, trainees attain the Submarine Qualification System (SQS), and finally become Submariners.

In addition to education for Korean Submariners, the ROKN can also provide foreign Submariners with education and training. From 2013 to 2015, a total of 28 Submariners from Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, and Malaysia completed the basic submarine education program at the Submarine Education and Training Squadron. Accordingly, the ROK transitioned from a country getting education abroad to a country educating other countries.

This accomplishment was only possible because of the foresight of ROK and ROKN leadership to understand the importance of investing in a completely indigenous submarine capability, from training to submarine building. This is truly a remarkable achievement given the short amount of time in which it was realized.

Into its 23rd year of operating submarines, the ROKN Submarine Force has a fortunate record of no accidents as of 2016. As of April 2015, the ROKN Submarine Force logged 2 million accident-free miles of submerged navigation. Every ROKN Submariner keeps the principle, “Dive 100 times, surface 100 times,” close to his heart.