Korea's submarines with batteries as the main propulsion power supply

The submarine will be the first to be powered by submarine-powered lithium-ion batteries in three of the 3000-class Jangbogo-III submarines deployed by the Navy as submarines until 2030. The Defense Agency announced that it held a detailed design review (CDR) meeting on July 23 to review the applicability of the domestic lithium battery system to the Jang Bogo-III Submarine Placement-II. The detailed design review meeting is the final decision to determine the feasibility of the weapon system and the possibility of prototype production. "At this meeting, it was decided that the lithium battery system is suitable as the main propulsion power supply system for the Jangbogo-III B-II." Based on this, we will lay the foundations for developing lithium battery system in earnest .

If the submarine lithium battery system is successfully developed, performance will improve in many aspects such as energy density, battery life, submersible power, maintenance and so on compared with the lead-acid battery system applied to existing domestic developed submarines. 

Samsung SDI is developing a lithium battery battery by participating in the project led by the next generation submarine project of the radiation agency. "The submarine-mounted lithium battery system is being developed in advanced submarine operating countries such as Germany, France and Japan," said Chung Il-shik, chief of the next-generation submarine business. "We are already developing globally- It is meaningful to utilize it in. "