Unidentified country orders Saab target vehicle system

 Saab is to supply its AUV62-AT advanced anti-submarine warfare training system to an unidentified country beginning this year, the company announced Thursday.

The AUV62-AT is an autonomous, underwater acoustic target vehicle system that mimics a submarine in a way that is compatible with any torpedo and anti-submarine warfare sonar on the market today.

Saab said the system will replace the country's need to use an actual submarine as a maneuvering training target. The AUV62-AT was demonstrated recently in a British military exercise in Scotland and Wales.

"This a further proof of AUV62-AT as the world leading system for anti-submarine warfare training," Carl-Marcus Remén, sales director of Saab's Underwater Systems business unit, said in a press release. "With the system, the customer will be able to train in a more cost efficient and flexible way since the navy won't need to use own vital assets like submarines as ASW training targets."

"It ensures the entire ASW force can receive high quality training from start to finish," Remén added.

Additional information about the contract was not offered, and Saab said other information about the unnamed customer "will not be announced." Deliveries of the system to the unidentified customer will begin this year.