South Korean Navy Takes over new submarine

The South Korean Navy has taken over a new one-thousand-800-ton submarine to beef up its underwater warfare capability against North Korea. 

The country’s arms procurement agency, Defense Acquisition Program Administration(DAPA), said that the delivery ceremony for the Hong Beom-do was held at Hyundai Heavy Industries shipyard in Ulsan on Friday. 

The seventh of the country’s Jang Bogo-II Class fleet, the Hong Beom-do is superior to the one-thousand-200-ton Jang Bogo-Class submarines in major capabilities, including sustainability for underwater missions, undetectability, underwater acoustics and arms capacity. 

It can also handle around 300 underwater targets simultaneously, and thanks to its fuel battery system, can stay underwater for ten or more consecutive days. 

The new submarine is 65 meters long and six-point-three meters wide and equipped with guided missiles, torpedoes and mines.