Japan has launched the world's first Lithium-Ion Battery (LIB) submarine

The Maritime Self - Defense Force 's latest awesome rolling submarine launch ceremony took place at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe Shipyard of Kobe City Hyogo Ward on the 4th. The name of the ship was named "Ouru" (Ozuru) after auspicious dragon with abundant knowledge. The place of deployment is undecided, but it is operated at the front line of maritime defense.

 According to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries built, the ship is 84 meters in length, the underwater speed is about 20 knots and the construction cost is about 66 billion yen. In order to improve sustainability and speed in the water, in addition to equipping it with the world's first lithium-ion battery used in electric cars etc., there is also stealth performance.

 Approximately 300 people from the Ministry of Defense and related companies joined the launch ceremony. Along with the performance of "Warship Marchi" by Sea Owl Wu Music Corps, Mr. Toyohiro Murakawa of Oceanic Staff Director cut the rope that fixed the submarine, and dives into the sea. It will be handed over to the Ministry of Defense in March, Heisei 32.