Syria attack: British submarine 'hunted by Russian subs' in deadly cat and mouse game

A ROYAL Navy submarine heading towards Syria has been hunted by up to two deadly Russian subs and a number of other vessels in the Mediterranean for days as tensions between the countries ratchet up, it has been revealed. 

The British crew found themselves involved in a “cat and mouse game” with at least one of the Kremlin Kilo-class subs, dubbed the “Black Hole” because they are so stealthy.

Two frigates and an anti-submarine aircraft were also involved in the hunt, the Sunday Times reported.

The Tomahawk missile-equipped £1.2billion British vessel had been moving to within range of Syria when it found itself under threat.

It then spent days trying to avoid detection by the Russian force. 

US Navy forces tried to protect the waters around the underwater ship as it passed beneath the waves, with aircraft bussing overhead to offer cover.

Kilo-class submarines are among the deadliest in Putin’s arsenal.

Powered by two diesel generators and an electric drive they can move silently underwater at speeds of up to 17 knots.

They can be equipped with a range of deadly weapons including cruise and anti-ship missiles.