Italian Company Offers Midget Submarine and Submarine Rescue System Thailand

DG-160 Shallow-water Attack Submarine, length: 32.24 m, displacememt: 141 tons surfaced, 169 tons submerged (image : DRASS)

The Italian company DRASS Tecnologie Sottomarine gave a briefing on the company's products to the Thai Navy : Midget Submarine DG-85, DG-120 and DG-160 and also Submarine Rescue System.

It is normal for companies from different countries to present their product information to the Royal Thai Navy for the benefit of further study. But that does not mean that the Thai Navy will have the option of supplying such weapons in any way.

In the submarine rescue system, it is imperative that the Navy seek information from several sources to prepare for the arrival of the S26T submarine from China in the future.

The 238 ST (Diving Rescue Support Vessel) is capable to perform Submarine Rescue Operations up to a depth of 650msw thanks to the moon pool launched Drass Deep Rescue Vehicle (DRV). (image DRASS)

For a small black ship, Royal Thai Navy Naval Research and Development Office have a project as reported. However, it is known that the research and development of the small submarine of the SAR has sent people to study in the United Kingdom.

Although the Royal Navy currently has only a submarine nuclear power station. But the British have a knowledge of the development of the submarine that has accumulated a long time ago.

In the description of submarine information DG-160 Italy is not involved in the development of the Royal Navy. But it is considered to be useful information in the development of knowledge in the submarine of Thailand in the future.