China new midget submarine MS200 potential offer for the GCC countries

China recently revealed the MS200 midget submarine design at the Defense & Security 2017 defense exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand. The 200 tons submarine is a new single-hulled design which differs greatly from previous Chinese midget submarine designs. It is likely intended solely for export, being aimed at countries like Pakistan who are Chinese submarine customers and happen to have a fleet of midget submarines (Italian Cos.Mo.S MG110 type) which are due for replacement. 

China CSIC_MS200.jpg

MS200 Specification 
Displacememt: 200 tons surfaced
Length: 30 m
Width: 3.6 m hull diameter
Height: 4.4 m
Crew: 6 + 8 PAX
Range: 1,500nm, with 120 nm on batteries
Endurance: 15 days 
Speed: 8 kt max
Operating depth: TBC 
Armament: 2 x 533mm torpedoes

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China CSIC_S600.jpg

China previously operated 4 midget submarines built at Wuhan in around 1980. More recently a 38 meter (124 ft) long midget submarine was previously observed outside the shipyard at Wuhan (Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd However the types do not appear to be related. 

Also on display were models of the closely related S600 600 ton small patrol submarine and the slightly larger S1100 design. These differ from the MS200 by having Air Independent Power (AIP) which is probably a Sterling Generator closed-cycle diesel engine type. 

S600 Specification 
Displacememt: 600 tons surfaced
Length: 50 m
Width: 4.6 m hull diameter
Height: 5.6 m
Crew: 15
Range: 2,000nm, with 400 nm on AIP
Endurance: 20 days 
Speed: 15 kt max submerged, 9 kt surfaced
Operating depth: 200 m 
Armament: 4 x 533mm torpedoes

S1100 Specification 
Displacememt: 1100 tons surfaced
Length: 60 m
Width: 5.6 m hull diameter
Height: 6.8 m
Crew: 20
Range: 3,000nm, with 800 nm on AIP
Endurance: 30 days 
Speed: 15 kt max submerged
Operating depth: 200 m 
Armament: 4 x 533mm torpedoes