Croatian submarine as potential solution for the GCC countries

Adria-Mar Brodogradnja presented a pocket-sized submarine Drakon 220 project. The length is 30 meters, hull diameter 3.6 m, height 6.17 m, surface displacement 220 tons, and underwater 255 tons. The highest depth of diving is about 150 meters, while the highest underwater speed is 10.2 knots. The waterborne flow rate is 280 NM at a speed of 3.5 knots and 80% of battery discharge and a total impressive 3000 NM. Crew stocks are enough for 14 days of autonomy at sea. The bait consists of nine members, and the weapon consists of two torpedo tubes of 533 mm for heavy or light torpedoes. The torpedo tubes can also be adapted to firing smaller 324 mm anti-submarine torpedoes such as the MU90. Apart from torpedo weapons, Drakon can also take between four and eight undersea mines, and it is also possible to install an underwater PZO system, such as German IDAS, for defense against anti-aircraft helicopters or aircraft. In addition to carrying out combat tasks, Drakon can translate up to six specialists. Its price is about 50 million euros.
To complement its portfolio of projects and give added value to the pocket-sized submarine project, Adria-Mar Brodogradnja experts have designed a ship designed to support and rescue the SSRS75 submarine and 79 m in length. The underwater task of underwater rescue up to 600 m depth, deep diving up to 300 m depth and surface rescue operations. The propulsion is based on two azimuth thrusters, each with an electric motor power of 1800 kW and thanks to which the maximum cruising speed of 15 knots is achieved and on two bow thrusters.

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