The tenth unit of the Sōryū type already in the Japanese navy

The Japanese Marine Self-Defense Forces have commissioned a tenth submarine of the Soryu type. The ceremony took place on March 18 at the naval base in Kobe. The unit was built by a shipyard belonging to the Japanese industrial group Kawasaki Heavy Industries. The ship was named Shōryū.

Construction of the tenth Sōryū unit for the Japanese Navy began at the end of May 2015, and its launch took place in November 2017. The ship entered service within 16 months of being launched, notes the industry website

The portal also notes in its material that Shōryū is not only a tenth Sōryū submarine in the Japanese Marine Self Defense Force, but also a 28th submarine built by the Japanese Kawasaki Heavy Industries after World War II.

Sōryū units are the world's largest submarines with conventional propulsion. It is also the first Japanese ships equipped with an air-independent propulsion AIP, which extends the possible period of operation by the unit in full immersion. Ships of this type measure 84 meters in length and displace 2,950 tons. Their crew consists of 65 sailors. Sōryū are equipped with torpedoes and anti-ship missiles.

The website says that the Japanese want to have 13 Soryu submarines in total. For now, another 11 units are being built. In October last year, it was launched in a shipyard belonging to the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries group. The portal emphasizes that it will be the first ship belonging to the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Forces fleet, which will be equipped with lithium-ion materials.

According to open sources, the construction of one such ship equipped with lithium-ion batteries costs the Japanese about 640 million dollars. For previous units, without such batteries, the Japanese Defense Ministry paid about $ 540 million.