The German "212A" embarks on a five-month training mission to Norway

On January 23, the German submarine type 212A (U-36) left its home base at Eckernförde and went to Bergen, Norway, from where it would operate in the North Sea for the next five months.

The ship will take part in many allied marine exercises, including the Joint Warrior exercise organized by the Royal Navy. The German press emphasizes that the training nature of the U-36 mission in Norway results primarily from the planned training of Norwegian submarines planned at that time, which is connected with the joint purchase of new U212 CD submarines by Commonwealth and Germany .

The idea of joint construction of U212 CD submarines was materialized by signing a Norwegian-German cooperation agreement in this field in 2017. This decision was preceded by months of consultations of Norwegians (including with Poland) regarding the joint acquisition of submarines. The Norwegians took into account the offers of the German shipbuilding company thyssenkrupp Marine System s and the French state concern Naval Group .Germany proposed to the Norwegians a joint project based on the development of U212A ship construction, then referred to as the U212 NG (New Generation) type, and the French offered Scorpène type ships equipped with a prototype AIP system. The choice fell on the German offer, which is hardly surprising, if only due to the many years and rich experience of the Norwegians resulting from the use of German submarines in their own fleet. It is worth recalling that the ships of Kobben type received from them and put into service in the Polish Navy in the years 2002-2004 are a German type U207 project, similarly to the ULA type ships currently used by the Norwegian fleet, which is German type U210.

At the end of October 2018, Norwegian and German institutions responsible for the purchase of armaments and equipment for the armed forces informed that they had received the final offer of thyssenkrupp Marine Systems concern for the construction of six U212 CD submarines. Contract records are still being negotiated, but parties to the proceedings assume that the final agreement will be signed in 2019, and the first entity will be launched in seven years from the conclusion of the contract.

The construction of a series of six U212 CD submarines will be carried out by thyssenkrupp Marine Systems, who together with Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace and ATLAS Elektoronik created the company KTA Jont Venture for this purpose. The company is responsible for the integration of the innovative combat system on Norwegian and German vessels, developed especially for 212CD units. Console of this system could be seen during last year's Balt Military Expo in Gdańsk and MSPO in Kielce. The information disclosed so far further indicates that ships 212 CD will be longer than version 212 A, but their strong hulls will also be made of amagnetic steel. The new ships will be equipped with the next generation AIP PEM system and with lithium-ion batteries, which will allow you to extend the time of their continuous operation in full immersion for up to 30 days. Currently, the operation time of submarines equipped with the German AIP system is calculated for 21 days. In the future, the 212 CD units will also be equipped with Kongsberg NSM SL rockets with a range of 600-800 km.

The German budget has planned and approved funds for the construction of two 212CD ships of 1.4 billion euros, and the entire program of construction of six ships of this type is estimated at 4.4 billion euros.