Russia Launches Serial Production Of New APR-3M Anti-Submarine Warfare Missile

Russia’s newly developed APR-3M air-launched anti-submarine warfare missile has completed trials and will soon enter into serial production.

"The APR-3M has passed through all its trials, and we have mastered the serial manufacturing of the weapon. The deliveries of the missile to the Russian Navy are commencing. In the near future, we will also start promoting this missile for exports,” Igor Krylov, CEO of GNPP Region, a subsidiary of the Tactical Missiles Corporation (KTRV), told TASS Monday.

According to Krylov, the APR-3M is integrated into the armament of a Ka-27M modernized anti-submarine warfare helicopter.

"Considering that this missile is a hi-tech digital weapon, it can also be used from (other) modern aircraft," Krylov said.

The APR-3M anti-submarine warfare missile is a follow-up of the APR-1, APR-2 and APR-3 missiles that were in service with the Soviet and Russian Navies.

The APR-3E ASW missile is designed to destroy submarines moving at a speed of 80 km/h at a depth of up to 600 m. Underwater space is scanned by the hydroacoustic homing system during the missile’s gravity- induced descent on a spiral trajectory with the missile engine shut. The APR-3E missile is powered by a turbo waterjet solid-propellant motor.

 The missile can arm the IL-38 aircraft and the Mi-14 and Ka-28 helicopters. Airborne ASW missiles, in contrast to conventional torpedoes, have maximum operating speed in the target acquisition and detection modes, accelerated approach to the target with destruction before the target can apply countermeasures.

Technical Data Specification

Weight, kg 550

 Warhead weight (TNT equivalent), kg 100

 Depth range, m up to 800

 Speed, km/h up to 120

 Hit probability 0.80-0.85

 Dimensions, m: length 3.60 calibre 0.35