The Pakistani Navy chased an Indian submarine in Pakistan's territorial waters

The Pakistani Navy chased an Indian submarine in Pakistan's territorial waters and forced it to retreat from there, news channel in Pakistan claims.

A Pakistani TV channel today uploaded footage of what it claimed were the images of an "Indian submarine" in Pakistani territorial waters.

Samaa TV claimed the submarine was "detected and expelled" by the Pakistan Navy.

"Pakistan Navy chased and later warned the submarine, forcing it to retreat," the TV channel quoted a Pakistan naval spokesman.

An Indian Navy spokesperson, however, dismissed the claim and the footage broadcast by the channel. "We have no assets operating in the north Arabian Sea."

Indian veteran submariners who viewed the video say it appears to be a type 209 diesel-electric submarine of the kind operated by the Indian Navy.


The German-designed type 209 submarine is operated by a dozen navies, including the Turkish, South African and South Korea. The footage appears to have been captured using an infra red sensor and shows a submarine snorting or sucking in air to run its diesel engines." (A diesel-electric submarine has to periodically surface or run a snort mast close to the surface from which it takes in air. The diesel engines are used to charge the submarine's batteries).

In the footage, three parts of the submarine's mast can be spotted sticking out of the water-a snort mast, an electro-optical periscope mast and a radio communication mast.

"There is however nothing on the footage- no coordinates, latitude or longitude position or anything at all to suggest it is an Indian submarine," they said.