PERISCOPE24 submarines/ASW services available:

Advisory on conventional submarine domain

•Submarines/ASW needs elicitation

•Support in the submarines/ASW doctrine and process definition

•Submarines/ASW market survey and analysis

•Submarines/ASW assessment of the solutions

•Submarines/ASW support procurement process

•Submarines/ASW projects management

  • Submarines/ASW courses/seminars

Why Submarines?

Of all the branches of men in the forces is none which shows more devotion and faces grimmer perils than the submariners.
— Sir Winston Churchill

There is currently not a single submarine in any of the GCC Navies. However there are many submarines operating in the GCC littoral and blue waters.

PERISCOPE24  analyzed a list of the GCC maritime tasks (GCC Maritime strategy) against typical tasks performed by conventional submarines. As result, representative conventional submarines can satisfy 79% of GCC maritime tasks.

PERISCOPE24 identified sinusoidal GCC governments and their navies declaration or interest in the procurement of submarines for their own forces. There can be two reasons for such attempts:

–Providing noise regarding the submarine market research and analysis will raise high attention and initiate careful analysis between potential enemies.

Starting potential any GCC submarine procurement process will force changes in possible enemies forces.

• The GCC discussion should not be: Why submarines?

• The GCC discussion should be: What can subs do for the GCC Navies and how fast can they get them?


  • SUBS are secret and expensive diamonds for every Navy and Allies or Coalitions.

•The whole doctrine of submarine activity is based on total secrecy.

Submarines provide unique invisible defensive and offensive capabilities when compared with the visible and noises surface/air navy forces.

•The Navy manages submarines but does not always set tasks or order them.

Countries relatively weak economically, invest in submarine  force as an invisible threat engages/requires more potential enemy effort.

•There are identified  procurement or upgrades of the national submarine forces around the world.

Only the Danish Navy cancelled its submarine service :-((.

•A relatively small market to purchase new submarines.

• Difficult to secretly build submarines.

List of strategic, operational and tactical tasks performed by submarines is growing (the latest: conventional subs firing missiles and cyber warfare).

•Personnel, training and submarines C2 are much more challenging than purchasing submarines.

•No Navy in the world will share their national or allied submarine’s TTP.

Main shipyards/companies producing submarines

- BAE Systems
- Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering
- General Dynamics
- Lockheed Martin
- Northrop Grumman
- Fincantieri
- Huntington Ingalls Industries
- Kawasaki Heavy Industries
- Raytheon
- Thales
- ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems
- Damen Shipyard
- Navantia
- Russian shipyards